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Jamie McCrae


Growing up in a Christian family, asking Jesus to be my Saviour and friend as a child, immersed in sound biblical teaching from a young age, I was most fortunate.

My teens, twenties and early thirties followed a well trodden path - school, university, and various jobs that stretched, challenged and grew me.As my thirties unfolded, I found myself a committed follower of Jesus, stuck on ‘life’s treadmill’ re job, personal advancement and security and a faith that was alive but not thriving.

Wind forward fifteen years, my life and faith are now so different. So what changed? - the Holy Spirit showed me that my focus was on serving God, not intimately knowing Him. He also revealed that my service was underpinned by a sense that I needed to please God to receive His favour. Graciously and progressively, as I have repented and laid down these ungodly attitudes and fears, my Heavenly Father has ignited and inflamed my love and passion for Him. I now rest in the truth that I am my Father’s beloved child which has profoundly changed my life and set this captive free.

I am married to my awesome wife Kirsty with whom I co-minister and serve at Centrepoint Edinburgh. I work part-time in a variety of different roles - as a consultant, mentor, trainer and counsellor with clients diverse as pastors, business and charity leaders and reforming offenders. Challenging and exciting.

 So today, what gets me up in the morning and fuels my passion for life, three things: Jesus, Kirsty my wife and seeing people embrace and realise their God given potential.