Sundays, 10:30am, Simpson Primary School

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Growth Track

Centrepoint is designed to facilitate your growth as a healthy, effective follower of Jesus Christ. Wherever you are in your journey, Growth Track can equip you to experience God more fully, to understand your calling, and to impact your world. 


Community is about following Jesus - together. Although our faith in Jesus is personal, following Jesus is done in community. To help us follow Jesus, God joins us with other Christians for mutual benefit and encouragement. Our community groups are designed to facilitate spiritual growth as we follow Jesus together.

Community Groups are a great way to meet people and get more connected at Centrepoint. Our groups meet weekly for an informal time of fellowship and sharing, Bible study and prayer, eating and drinking. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, you're welcome to come along to one of our groups. Learn more here.



If you are new to the Christian faith, finding your way back to God, or simply wanting to strengthen your spiritual foundations, FirstStep is for you. We explain what it means to follow Jesus and introduce the healthy habits essential for an effective Christian life. FirstStep is also where we discuss water baptism and its importance. This is a 4-week small group offered several times throughout the year. 


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We follow Jesus together, and NextStep explains how to do that at Centrepoint. If you want to learn what Centrepoint is passionate about, where we are going, and how you can be a part of this adventure, NextStep is for you. This is a 4-week small group offered several times throughout the year. 



If you want to be more fully equipped to lead and influence people in your family, in your job, in your community, and at Centrepoint Church, LeaderStep is for you. This is an 8-week small group offered at different times throughout the year.