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Connect Groups



Centrepoint Connect groups provide an opportunity to connect with God, each other, and our community. Through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship, we grow with God and each other.

2019 Groups - Term 1: Great Faith

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes, it seems like life is getting the upper hand, and that the obstacles we face are insurmountable.

To meet the challenges of life head on - and win - we need great faith. Not optimism, not happiness, not the power of positive thinking. But great faith. What is faith? Unshakeable confidence in God, that he will do what He has promised.

In Hebrews 10:32-12:2, the Lord teaches us about faith - what it is and how to grow it. More than that, we will learn together how, through faith, we can persevere and triumph through the trials of life. 

Join us Thursday evenings as we grow in faith together through fellowship, prayer, and Bible reflection.

2019 GREAT FAITH term dates:

  • Week beginning 14th January through week ending on 22nd February.

Here are the groups on offer this term:

What are groups about?

The Christian life is about connection: connection with God, with other followers of Jesus, and people in our community who don't yet know God. Centrepoint Connect Groups provide a place for connecting with God and others while we seek to fulfill God's mission in our community. 

Our faith in Jesus is personal, but we follow Jesus in connection with other. God joins us together as members of Christ's body. Following Jesus is more than our Sunday worship gathering, it's about how we support and encourage each other in faith and life throughout the week.

Connect Groups are a great way to meet people and get more connected at Centrepoint. Our groups meet weekly during the school term for an informal time of fellowship and sharing, Bible study and prayer, eating and drinking. Each group has a particular focus and theme around which we are all asking the same question:

How can I grow as a follower of Jesus?

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, you're welcome to come along to one of our groups.