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Church and Community Building

Clarifying our relationship with WICA, Persimmon, and the Council

Frequently Asked Questions


As part of Wester Inch, Centrepoint Church is working in partnership with the community association to enhance our village by developing an excellent purpose-built building suitable for church and community use.



Centrepoint Church began in Wester Inch in 2008 with a few families who wanted a local community church.  We have grown steadily since then into a multi-ethnic congregation, attracting people from both within Wester Inch and from other locales in West Lothian.  We currently meet in the Simpson Primary School gym hall every Sunday morning.  Our goal is to acquire land in the village centre to develop an excellent purpose-built building suitable for church and community use.

Need for the Project: Church

The life of Centrepoint Church revolves around weekly worship, community fellowship, and providing avenues for spiritual growth. Whilst the gym hall and community wing at Simpson Primary School are sufficiently large for our church, there are many reasons as to why this space is not appropriate for the long term:

Build - Slide07The space is not designed for worship; it is a large,  sterile room with inappropriate acoustics, distracting  images, and uncomfortable seating. Both our church  and the community would benefit from a space  designed to facilitate worship.

The cost of rent prohibits additional activities outwith our allocated time on a Sunday  morning. The building is a school throughout the week,  therefore, we cannot use it to serve the community  outwith Sunday mornings.

There is much we would like to do as a church to serve our local community that we currently cannot. Due to these limitations, we lack affordable space throughout the week for our use and for community engagement. These factors all compel us to pursue a beautiful, functional church building in Wester Inch. 

Need for the Project: Community

West Lothian Council has wisely designated several plots of land at the centre of West Inch as community-use space. In developing our church building, we aspire to add value to our community by providing space that may not otherwise be available:


  • Café and gathering space: Wester Inch lacks a focus point for community gathering. Where can people in the village meet up with friends and colleauges for a cuppa? Our building will include a spacious café with gathering space open for the community and available to hire for special events.
  • Performing Arts Venue: our worship space will be equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual and lighting to offer the community an amazing venue for performances and events.
  • Flexible multi-purpose space and classrooms: for clubs, groups, and private functions, our building will offer a variety of spaces for hire. These rooms will also be suitable for business and conference functions.
  • Special Interest Programmes: our church and other charities will be able to offer multiple types of community education programmes including seminars on marriage, parenting, debt, finances, grieving, and health.
  • Employment and voluntary opportunities: Our café will initially be run by volunteers but will provide learning opportunities in hospitality for volunteer staff. It is our aspiration to be able to provide employment for some full or part-time café staff.

It is our desire to add value to the community by providing excellent, usable space for many types of activities that otherwise would not be developed. 

A Sustainable Vision

Whilst we believe that church is people, not a building, the functions of a church (worship, fellowship, spiritual growth and outreach) all require appropriate space for their effective implementation. It is our vision to build a beautiful, excellent, and compelling space that will meet the needs of our church and enable us to serve our Wester Inch community.

  • Our church needs appropriate space for corporate worship: visually pleasing, acoustically excellent, distinct but not formal.
  • Wester Inch needs community space for gathering, meeting, and enjoying a cuppa.
  • Our weekly kid’s programme including crèche and Kid's curch, and our annual holiday club, would be best served by a well-planned, purpose-built space.
  • We value fellowship and aspire to have appropriate space for relational engagement including a café and multi-purpose space.
  • A variety of classes, programmes, and seminars would be on offer through well-equipped classroom space.


We envision these spaces synergistically brought together in an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, state-of-the-art building that is:

  • Flexible: with multiple spaces included to support a variety of functions;
  • Welcoming: the building design will be open and inclusive with substantial use of glass and windows to create a welcoming ethos; and
  • Sustainable: using an eco-friendly design with plans to utilise ground source heat pumps, solar panels and high levels of insulation so that the impact on the environment is minimal, with the added advantage of lower running costs.

While these plans represent our intentions, they are conceptual, not finalised; they do not represent an application for planning permission.

Frequently Asked Questions


Ground Floor Plan




First Floor Plan



In consultation with our architect (Alyn Smith of Covell-Matthews, Edinburgh) we have identified the plot marked M4 (Wester Inch Development Framework, 2007) as the ideal location for the proposed church building. However, the final location is subject to planning approval by the West Lothian Council.



“...local neighbourhood centres are at the heart of the area’s communities, providing a focus for economic activity and growth, a sustainable and accessible location for employment and services, and a night time economy and an expression of civic 

identity and pride.

They play a key role in shaping the area’s sense of place and contributing to the West Lothian economy.“

West Lothian Local Development Plan
~ 2015 ~


M4 is designated as the Local Neighbourhood Centre.



Side Elevations



End Elevations



Digital Impressions





All plans and designs by Alyn Smith of Covell-Matthews, Edinburgh. 


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