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The Power of GO!


The first bit of Genesis is rather bleak; although God's creation was very good, human sinfulness was painfully bad. In Genesis 12, God takes the initiative and proactively engages humanity be establishing a covenant with Abraham. A covenant is a relationship with guarantees and stipulations. God promised that he would provide Abraham with a place, a people, and purpose; Abraham's part of the relationship was to believe the promise and obey.

The first word God speaks to Abraham is 'Go'. Abraham had to leave his personal comfort zone of place, family, and living for himself to enter God's promised place, people, and purpose. Sometimes, we want to arrive without taking the journey. This option was not on the table for Abraham: to enter in, he had to go - to out of all that was comfortable to him, to go into the new place God had for him. And in all of this, he had to trust that God would fulfil his promises.

God also has a new place for us - Jesus calls is the kingdom of God. We are born into this kingdom when we believe the gospel. God has a new people for us - the family of God, made up of our brothers and sisters, those who like us have believed God's promise. And God has a new purpose for us - sharing the love and truth of Christ with a world in need.

To enter the place, to be with the people, and to fulfil the purpose God has for us, we also have to respond to the word 'Go!''. This is the final word Jesus gave to his disciples, instructing them to go into all the nations with the good news.

From the first to the last, the Christian life is all about going. When we go into the place, the people, and the purpose God has for us, good things happen.