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How to Fail with God

Positive learning involves drawing on the successes of others who can show us what to do. Negative learning is about observing the mistakes of others so that we don't do what they've done. The book of Judges is a grand lesson in what NOT to do....

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From Bitter to Blessed

From Bitter to Blessed

The Negev is a dry, hot desert region in the southern part of Israel. If you were wandering through it, heading towards the northwest, you would eventually come to a large body of water. After the dry, arid, dusty journey through the desert, you would be excited about seeing so much water. The problem is that that the body of water is the Red Sea, packed with so much salt ...

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Time for a Change

Time For Change

The gradual change in colour, and then the disappearance, of leaves from tress during the autumn season is a reminder that change is a built-in component of human life. But sometimes we need a different kind of change - a change we can't produce, a change that can only be effected by God. This is what Jacob needed in Genesis 32....

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