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Post Category: Passion Week Meditation

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Figs, Temples, and Prayer

On the first day in Jerusalem after his triumphal entry Jesus challenges our faith and the religious status quo....

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Why Have You Forsaken Me?

The Victory of the Triumphal Entry quickly disintegrated into a fast-paced plot to kill Jesus that ended in his illegal execution. Where was God when all that was going on?...

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Taxes, Tithes, and Temples

The disciples were perpetually getting side-tracked. Jesus uses his second day in Jerusalem to teach his followers how to keep the the main thing the main thing....

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Beauty and Betrayal in Bethany

A beautiful act of worship paints a prophetic picture of what Jesus is preparing to do....

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The Worst Saturday Ever

What happens when the greatest dream ever becomes the biggest nightmare possible? That's what faced the disciples on the worst Saturday ever....

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A Night To Remember

Jesus spent his last hours before his arrest eating and talking with his disciples. We tend to think that we'd never betray Jesus; he taught us to pray,"Lead us not into temptation."...

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Palm Sunday and Venn Diagrams

Who was in the crowd that welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem? And who wanted Jesus crucified? Venn diagrams help us understand. ...

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