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In addition to our statement of faith, these are some key words that describe us:

We're Christians

We're a biblical community. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant, only infallible and authoritative Word of God. It is the final authority for what we believe and how we live.

We're Orthodox

We are an ancient community. Our faith is rooted in historic Christianity; we are linked with all those who through the centuries have faithfully followed Christ and affirmed the truth of the gospel. Though we experience and express these ancient truths in contemporary ways, Christian orthodoxy is defined by the the Creeds of the Church.

We're Reformed

We are a covenant community. God has established a covenant of love with us through Jesus. We honour God's supremacy over creation, the Church, and our lives. God shows us His royal power in the way that He saves us. The Reformation Standards remind us that people are saved on the basis of God's unearned love and favour, not on the basis of their performance.

We're Gospel-Centred

We are a Christ-centred community. The gospel is the story of how God created us and we fell away, how God redeemed us and restores us to relationship with himself through the work of Christ. The appropriate response to this good news is to believe it, repent (turn from living for ourselves and follow Christ with all our hearts), and get baptised (Acts 2:41). 

We're Spirit-Empowered.

We are a spiritual community. We believe God's Spirit indwells us for life, empowers us for witness, and gives us gifts for ministry. The Christian life is really about God living in and through his people. And He does this by his Spirit.

We're Missional

We are a missionary community. God is a missionary God - He sent Jesus to save us - and he sends us into the world to share the truth and love of Christ with a world that is lost and hurting. God has called us to be a community of believers that prioritise His mission.