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The Indicative/Imperative Dream

Jesus us gives us a new identity and calls us to obey Him. Faithfulness is both - and that's the Jesus dream for his people....

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A Good View

God reveals Himself to us in the Bible as good; his goodness is the proper lens through which we view and perceive the world....

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Out of the Dark Room

Have you ever landed in a dark room? Almost all of us have had a moment or a day or a week; a month or even longer - where it seems like where stuck in some kind of weird vibe, and we can’t get out. The good news is that God cares about where we are - and He offers a way into the light....

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Grace for a Dysfunctional Family

The story of Joseph is about God bringing salvation to the world by saving a family. And this family really needed the help of God - it was more dysfunctional than most families are today. But God is more powerful than the sin that marked it, and in the end, God wins....

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Reasonable Worship

We live in an age when it makes no sense to follow Jesus. Paul reminds the Christians in Rome that - in light of God's amazing mercies to us in Christ, living a life of sacrificial obedience to God is supremely reasonable....

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Gump, God, and Growth: The God/People Partnership in Progress

How do we grow? How do churches grow? Is it God or people who responsible? Or is it both? Scripture describes a beautiful synergism where God works with his people to fulfil a breath-taking picture....

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The Jesus Deal

Following Jesus comes with a high price tag. But the promised pay-out promised makes this the best deal ever. ...

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The Price On Your Head

We daily exchange time; our value estimation of time resides in our distinction between what is eternal and what is temporal....

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Fighting Words

Words are not neutral; not only do they chart our destiny, they affirm the reality that defines our lives....

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You've Got A Friend In Me

We all need friends - both human and divine; Jesus offers the ultimate friendship we can experience. ...

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