Sundays, 10:30am, Simpson Primary School

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Empowering people to follow Jesus in worship, community and mission.

Featured Sermon

What is the very centre of following Jesus? When I was boy, we played a game called 'king of the hill'. The object for the 'king' was to stay at the top of the ... Read More

Featured Event

How often do you get to join your spouse for a beautiful meal with friends? Following the success of Date Night I, we've again booked the award-winning, Jeremy ... Read More

Centrepoint Blog

Even when it feels like the wheels are falling off the wagon, God is at work behind the scenes. In surprising moments, the relational links God builds in our lives can be part of the chain of events that bring his salvation to others....Read More

Did you ever wish that you had more gifts, more talents, and more abilities? Samson had all that - and more - and still failed. God, however, is the master of writing a new chapter in our lives....Read More

We live in a constant tension regarding which narrative about ourselves we're going to believe: are we going to be shaped by the many voices around us, or will be be shaped by what God says about us?...Read More