Sundays, 10:30am, Simpson Primary School

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Empowering people to follow Jesus in worship, community and mission.

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It's one thing to guarantee a victory in sports, even against bad odds; it's another thing to guarantee resurrection. But that's what Jesus did.... Read More

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WHAT’S THE BEST NEWS YOU’VE EVER HEARD? Was it surprising? Did it change the way you think? Or was it something you wanted to be true but didn't ... Read More

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It's one thing to guarantee a victory in football. It's another thing to guarantee a resurrection....Read More

When we give in to the powerful but vacuous threats of the enemy and allow fear and intimidation to lodge in our souls, God graciously meets us in our caves of isolation to restore us to his purpose for our lives. ...Read More

The perpetual heart issue facing every person: who is your God - the Lord, or another?...Read More